Are you at least 21 years of age, like to have fun doing something different (no expeirence required), actually have friends that also like to have fun? Dude, come have some fun and host a party, with you as the Host Bartender for a Night. We are hosting "Who Wants to be a Bartender", having a butt load of fun doing it. You get paid and do what you want with the tips, some people do "Tips for Charity" blah, blah, blah. You make the call..

It's Super Simple:

  1. Pick a Sunday through Thursday
  2. Sign up for a 7pm to 9pm Gig
  3. Invite all your 21+ Friends and Family and Serve (you will have an expeirence bartender backing you every step of the way).
  4. Come Have a Some Fun at Pattersons, Oldest Bar In Town.


Johnny's Club "Where People Have Fun!".


Social Club~Bar~Lounge The Oldest Bar in Patterson EST. 1947 209-894-7607

Sign Up!